Cleveland Details and Eligibility

Free after-school tutoring is limited by Cleveland Metropolitan School District to 4,500 students.  All applications are reviewed on first-come, first-served basis.   It is very important that you act fast.

  1. Look for your application in the mail between September 7th and October 15th. Click here for a sample of the Cleveland Metropolitan SES Application.
  2. Make sure you write KNOWLEDGE COLLEGE as your 1st provider and sign the application.
  3. Promptly mail the application back to the school district as soon as it is received.

If you have not seen your application in the mail, please call Knowledge College at 216-771-1428 for help.

Free tutoring is available in the following schools:

Schools marked with an * will have applications mailed after September 7th. All others will be mailed September 28th.

K-8 Schools
Adlai Stevenson Joseph F. Landis
Albert B. Hart Joseph M. Gallagher
Alexander G. Bell Louis Agassiz
Andrew J. Rickoff Luis Munoz Marin
Anton Grdina Marion C. Seltzer
Artemus Ward* Marion-Sterling
Audubon Mary B. Martin
Benjamin Franklin Mary M. Bethune
Bolton* McKinley
Brooklawn Memorial
Buckeye-Woodland Michael R. White*
Buhrer Miles
Captain A. Roth* Miles Park
Carl & Louis Stokes Mound
Case Nathan Hale
Charles A. Mooney Oliver H. Perry*
Charles Dickens Orchard
Charles W. Eliot Patrick Henry
Clara Westropp Paul L. Dunbar
Clark Paul Revere
Daniel E. Morgan Riverside*
Denison Robert Fulton
East Clark Robert Jamison
Emile B. DeSauze* Robinson G. Jones
Empire Scranton
Forest Hill Parkway* Sunbeam
Frankline D. Roosevelt Tremont*
Fullerton Union
George W. Carver Wade Park
Giddings Walton
Gracemount Warner*
H. Barbara Booker Watterson Lake*
Hannah Gibbons-Nottingham Waverly
Harvey Rice Wilbur Wright
Henry W. Longfellow William C. Bryan*
Iowa-Maple Willow
John D. Rockefeller Woodland Hills
John W. Raper*
High Schools Grades 9 & 10
Carl F. Schuler John F. Kennedy
Collinwood John Marshall
East High Lincoln-West
East Technical Martin Luther King, Jr.
Glenville Margaret Ireland Option Complex
Health Careers (Grade 10 only) Max S. Hayes
James F. Rhodes South
Jane Addams* SuccessTech*
John Adams

2310 Superior Ave #200
Cleveland, OH 44114

phone: 216.771.1428